Leave it to Bieber!

I remember seeing a young boy on youtube once with what I thought was raw talent. I looked at this kid maybe 15 at most and saw the potential, passion, and zeal he had for music. He was a just a kid but was blessed with a miraculous voice at such a young age. He was soon becoming viral on the internet and “EVERYONE” was talking about the potential he had and when he would be “Signed.” (I myself am guilty!) I knew one day he could make it big, actually I hoped he would!

There’s always something about seeing a modern simpleton making into the big times. For some reason though there will always be opinions, skeptics, and haters. I’m not claiming to be a fan of JUSTIN BIEBER but I can say I think he has raw talent that many artists to this day do not have. I don’t want to hate on anyone so I will say this…

Justin Bieber has the talent that we need to see in today’s “auto tuned” culture. Many wanted to see him rise, and now they pray for his fall? What’s the point? We wish to see simple people make it BIG than when they do, we hate on them. Society is fickle and we are fickle people. Justin Bieber, can’t say I’m a devout fan but I can say I’m proud to see a simple “kid” make it to the big leagues. So instead of saying…”He sounds like a girl, he has no fans, he took no grammy”…I will say…”Glad to see young talent make it, glad those girls love him (LOL), and congratulations on being nominated for a Grammy!”

Lets face it I pray to God he holds true to his morals, and can be a beacon of light onto a lot of artists that have sold their souls to be famous. Fact is jealousy makes and drivers haters. Justin is doing more in his life of 17 years than most people have wished to do in their entire lives.

Guess Sho Baraka a christian rapper says it best….

“You can be a Pharisee or you can be a witness/
If we stay in the church the world callsl us religious/
If we go on mtv the saints think were trippin/
If we try to hit the streets then we’re some thugs in sin/

Sometimes I’m confused with who is the opposition/
I think I heard cheers when I fumbled the ball/
They claim they’re on our team but praying for our fall/”



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