Spiritual Warfare


   So as I sit, and think of all that has happened amongst the men in our group at Grace; I see blogs being started, more Unity, more Brotherhood, more Growth, and more Faith. This pass week, I’vehad accounts of things such as accountability and other things as just growth and God inspired thoughts from our youth. But today, I had so many thoughts and confirmations of Spiritual Warfare.
     It started this morning, when listening to one of Javier’s songs inspired by “The Screwtape Letters” book. The idea behind the song is Demons talking to other demons about how to tempt us as Christians. Than I had two accounts of friends and friends of family tell me about there need for demonic interventions in the home. Saturday, is where a team of us willl go with all intention of furthering our kingdom of christ, so please pray….But as I pray and seek God’s advice I see this, one he has been with them from the strart, but something has left them vulnerable for attack. Maybe closet sin, unforgiveness, or something yet to be revealed. Two, I see this, God is bigger than any circumstance, and especially any demon. He has entitled us power, and revelation.
     The word of God is our sword! My question is how big is your sword, and how sharp? Our sheildis made by Faith! How big and durable is your shield? Does it wither because of experiences you’ve had, and does it have bruises for your lack of trust? One thing that really blows my mind is this: In spiritual realm you don’t look like flesh and bones. You are as tall, buff, and warrior like as you have put time after Christ! You grow stronger as you pursue Christ, and your as strong as every word that comes from the mouth of God. You have billions upon billions of angels watching over you, and yet we still doubt? Remember God has already given you victory, and Satan is beneath you in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  How big are you in spirit form?

Will DEMONS feel intimidated when YOU walk in a room……