“Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” (Part 2)

When I think of Lord I see King Aragorn from “Lord of the Rings!”)


Today we study Kurios ((koo’-ree-os)!
This is the greek interpretation of our english word “Lord.”

Definition: a person who has authority, control, or power over others; amaster, chief, or ruler.

See as my friend Doug had told me, “Many receive Jesus as their Savior, and not their Lord (Kurios).” He showed me that at times I even look at Christ as my Savior and miss the fact that he also to be my Lord. Lord is a word that usually holds great position as in master, supreme authority, or owner. See we must understand what a Lord is to understand the full gospel of receiving Christ as our Lord. See a Lord or man of authority usually rules over someone or something.

If we accept Christ as Savior to redeem us, than we must also accept him as Lord to DIRECT US. He now calls the shots! It means that we are taking a hands off approach to our lives and allowing Jesus to have full custody of our hearts, minds, and bodies. What we do we submit it under His authority and Lordship. He is our shepherd that cares for, guides, and corrects us. He’s my Lord that i wish to serve, make proud, and do His will. He’s a Lord that makes all things right, and has full authority of the heavens. He as MY Lord has full authority over me if I release myself to His service, and it is an amazing place to be.

See my Lord Jesus Christ ALWAYS has OUR best intentions in mind. We are now his mouth piece to carry out his word. He is just, and loving to all those that call upon and receive His name. He saved us, and now we give ourselves to Him so that we may one day live in paradise with him. See he is Lord of our future land, and Lord of our current life. When He speaks I wish to listen. When He calls to me to GO, I wish to be obedient (Often times this is VERY HARD!).

My father God, and Lord Jesus Christ love me dearly and because of this I can see Him as my Lord. The one who will guide my life, and in my surrender take care of every need. Name a GREAT ruler who doesn’t care for those whom he rules. My Lord is the rarest of all and his Kingdom shall reign for all eternity.

So how about it do you accept Jesus Christ as you LORD, and SAVIOR…..?


“Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?”

Often times I have heard this phrase, and only once have I said yes. Growing up in the church setting most of my life i have heard, seen, and asked this question to people. This is the basis of our entire Faith as a Christian is to accept Christ as our “Lord and Savior.” After sitting in my car the other day one of my friends had said this phrase, “See many people accepts Jesus as their Savior, but not as Lord.”

Hmmm…. What exactly did that mean! Unable to shake this question in my head I realized that we do ask one question for Salvation,  but there are actually  TWO ANSWERS! Join me as we look deeper in these two words. First off is Savior!

savior [ˈseɪvjə] n.
a person who rescues another person or a thing from danger or harm

Ok so I see how this is rather simple. Do I accept Jesus as my personal Savior? Well yes Totally 100% I accept him. As do many others who come to see Jesus for the first time and have that experience. We see that Christ is our Savior and wishes to rescue us from all harm and as we surrender our lives to Him, He begins to do a transformation in us that defies the laws of this world. We see that in Him we can be made new whole because of His sacrifice on that brutal cross that saved us from our own iniquity. He IS our Savior, and so much more. He wishes to free us from a life of sin and move us into a relationship with Him. He can redeem us from our past and set us on course for a new life. He is our Savior and forever will be the one, and THE ONLY ONE that can set your soul into Heaven.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Tomorrow we look at Christ as also our LORD the one we seem to most commonly miss, and/or forget….

I just want to play…

I am a Karate instructor for kids in the Tampa Bay area for Extreme Youth Sports and I truly love this job. I get to work with kids, and get paid for it. This job is fun, but still has it’s challenges. Recently I was at one of my day cares where I teach and witnessed an “episode” happening as I was teaching class. One of the students at the school was having a temper tantrum with his teacher, because he wanted to go outside and play. He was crying, screaming, jumping, and  his teacher had simply told him to sit down. She continued with her work as the child kept saying “….I wanna go play….I wanna go play….. I wanna go play.” She had again said in a calm manner for him to sit and he would be able to. For some reason he insisted on crying, jumping, and not listening. All the while the teacher was going on about her business just waiting for him to listen. Finally he sat down for a good 5 minutes, and the teacher looked over and said, “Now you may go play thank you for listening.”

All he had to do was sit, listen, and be quiet. I feel as though we all, (especially me) go through this stage where we just want/ need/ or are scared of something. So we throw a temper tantrum with God, pleading for what were asking. I believe he is that still small voice just waiting patiently saying, ” Just sit, and wait and you will get it…” See he knows what’s best for us even when we think he’s wrong. He’s teaching us as his children how to wait, and listen for him. As I saw this unfolding before me I smiled and asked God to continually show me when I’m crying for my own desires, and simply reply ” Wait, listen, and you will receive….”  God is forever lasting, and knows the desires of your heart because he put them there, so just wait on him and follow his direction, and everything will be ok.

“Lord, thank you so much for allowing me to learn, grow, and hear your direction. Keep showing me when I am to sit and listen and for rewarding me even when i don’t deserve it.”

Burnt out

CandleLately I’ve been feeling like I’m running in 100 direction’s trying to accomplish all God wants me to do. I try to rest in him, and push through the trials set before me, but every so often i get burned out.

I remember a friend of mine using this analogy “We are all like candles when our wick is new we flourish and our light is brighter than ever. But after time wax starts to build up in and around the candle. The candle will begin to flicker and leaves us with two choices, the wax can either run over the side of the candle to the bottom or build up inside with no escape. If it pours out the light shines bright and is restored, but if it stays in the candle first it flickers than it burns out. ”

It felt so clear we all go through candle stages. We have the fire and passion of a new freshly lit candle, and the aroma of sweet love. But after we are filled we MUST have somewhere to pour out all God has shown us, or we build up and burn out. When you hit that “flicker” stage, you can either begin to pour our to others so God can use you, or your light turns out and must be restored. Our light can also flicker if we pour out too much and have no way of getting poured into. We must diligently be seeking Christ daily to be effective in his work.

The center of the flame is the hottest part of any flame. When we fill ourselves with the Lord, and pour out into others we have found the “center” of the flame. Shine bright for Christ today, and be the man/woman he has called you to be! I wish to be the brightest servant he can ask for, USE ME OH LORD! Praise be to Jesus that when I flicker he restores my flame!

Hebrews 1:7
In speaking of the angels he says, “He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire.”