The Intimate Posture of a Child

The whole lap thing has gotten me pretty worked up a bit. I mean here I am a 22 year old Pastor walking through life and thinking I know things, when in reality I know very little of my Heavenly Father.

My first thing with the illustration is why the lap? I mean I guess I can understand a small child sitting in someone’s lap, that’s “normal” and happens often.

Santa Claus is KNOWN for being at the mall during November – December as parent’s, kids, teenager’s, etc. go to take the photo of Santa’s lap…Maybe that image is “creepy” to you, and well it definitely would be “creepy” for me at 22 to DESIRE to sit in Santa’s lap. Well I’m sure you get my point…sorry for the tangent.

Good thing is God is NOT Santa nor will he EVER be. (Phew)

We’re talking about a God that surpasses our very knowledge. We’re talking about a Father who know’s our intricate details in our life, but CHOOSES to act as if he doesn’t to share a conversation and be WITH us. This means as I speak with the Father he doesn’t say, “Matt I know what you’re about to say,” and cut me off, instead he is eternally patient to hear my story, hurt’s, pain, joys, discouragement’s, and successes. Not only does he want to hear this from me, He wants me to be as close to him as possible so he could hold me, laugh with me, hug me, and WHISPER (not yell) how proud he is of me. Are you close enough to the Father, that if he whispered you could hear Him?

Job 4:12

“This truth was given to me in secret, as though whispered in my ear.

Heavenly Father wants us to be in the most intimate position you can be in as a child, sitting in Daddy’s lap explaining how your first day of kindergarten went. Telling him about your promotion or lay-off, mission’s trip or foreclosure, new family member or a loss of one, new experience or a past hurt. He, the God of the universe is telling YOU to come sit in his lap so he could embrace you fully. Surround you in his presence, and whisper that HE has everything all taken care of and he will walk you through ANYTHING this world throws at you.

God is just beginning to unravel a journey of fatherhood & sonship to me that I may have lacked growing up, but am now starting to understand. Funny how when there’s a hole and void in someones heart nothing but the love of a FATHER could help.

So to all the earthly Father’s….call your kid’s and let them know you love them RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE…and we’ll get to that VERY point in my next post…


Smallgroup Revelation!



     So Small group got rather, spirit-filled, and spirit-led tonight! As we sit there starting off with our traditional gospel, “Matthew” our goal is to not only read, but comprehend, and study the bible. As we come upon the verse where Jesus was born.

Matthew 2:9
“After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the EAST went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.”

hmm…I stopped the reader, because God had shown me something rather interesting. The Father’s SON was born in the “East.” So that led me to look up his death, and I came upon finding that Jesus was crucified at Calvary on the West of the temple. This also shows, a our SUN rises in the East and sets in the West. Like our SUN, Jesus, Son of God, had risen in the East and was set down to die on the West. My question for thought!

1. What if that was another sign of the death of Christ?
2. What if there are signs now about what is to come? Are you really searching?

How simple a sign to compare the sun, yet how unnoticed. Remember God is looking for those to reveal all his mysteries open your eyes and seek after what today holds about tomorrow……